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Jun-Quan Zhu
Xue-Ping Ying Xin-Mei Liu

Xue-Ping Ying

Full Professor, MS, Hangzhou, 2001

Research interests
My interests focus on developmental and reproductive biology of marine invertebrates, especially those of gastropods. Currently, we are investigating sperm comparative studies between species of this big group.  Our aims are to find out the evolutionary route between different genus and species. As an old member of Dr. Wan-Xi Yang's lab, I have firm co-study relationaship with him.

Education and training
1998-2001 MS at Zhejiang University
1986-1990 Bachelor at Hangzhou University

Professional Affiliations
Zoology Society of China
Zheijiang Zoology Society

Nov. 2001 to Present, Associate Professor, School of Biological and
      Environmental Science ,Wenzhou Normal College. Research Area: 
      Reproductive and Developmetal Biology.
Sep.1998-July.2001, College of Life ScienceZhejiang University.
      Research Area:  Reproductive and Developmental Biology.
Sept. 1995-July. 1998, Lecturer, Department of Biology, Wenzhou
      Normal College.  Research Area:  Reproductive and Developmetal
Sept. 1990-July. 1995, Assistant, Department of Biology, Department of
      Biology, Wenzhou Normal College.  Research Area:  Reproductive
      and Developmetal Biology.

Selected Publications
1.Ying X.-P., Yang W.-X.. Ultrastructure of spermatozoa of Bullacta exarata and its significance on reproductive evolution and physio-ecological adaptation. Journal of Zhejiang University Science2004, 5 (10):

2. Ying X.-P.Zhang Y.-P.Yang W.-X.. Comparative study on fatty acids composition in crab Eriocheirs Sinensis during the stages of maturation, spawning and miscarriage. Oceanologia et Limnologia Sinica, 2004,35(2):141-148.  

3. Ying X.-P.Luo Y.-Y., Zhang Y.-P.. A comparative study on the composition of amino acid and fatty acid in fertilized eggs and lost eggs of Eriocheor sinensis. Acta Hydrobiologica Sinica2004284):48-54.

4. Ying X.-P., Yang W.-X. and Xu J. et al. Histological changes and cement gland characters of female pleopod of Eriocheir sinensis in different physiological stages. Zoological Research, 2004253):256-262.

5. Ying X.-P. Ultrastructural studies on the sperm of Charybdis feriatus. Henan Science2004225):45-47.

6. Ying X.-P. Yang W.-X.. Organelle variations in oocytes with vitellogenesis of Lunatia gilva.  Journal of Zhejiang University(Science Edition), 2003, 30(2): 83-87.

8. Ying X.-P.Yang W.-X.Zhang Y.-P.Ni Q-Y.. Histological and Histochemical Studies on the Digestive System of Lunatia gilva. Journal of Zhejiang University(Science Edition), 2003, 301):75-79.

9. Ying X.-P.. Study on the ultrastructure of Oogenesis of Bullacta exarata. Developmental & Reproductive Biology, 200211(1)29-36.

10.Ying X.-P., Jiang N.-C., Yang W.-X.. Ultrastructural studies on spermatogenesis of Bullacta exarata ( Philippi ). Zoological Research,2002,23(5)400-405.

11. Ying X.-P.. Ultrastructure of vitellogenic oocytes in Meretrix meretrix. Journal of Fishery Sciences of China200292):125-128.

12. Ying X.-P., Chen N., Fu L. et al. Histological Study on the Reproductive System of Bullacta exarata. Donghai Marine Science2002203):24-31.

13.Ying X.-P. Yang W.-X.. Mitochondrial behavor during vitellogenesis in oocytes of  Bullacta exarata. Zoological Research,2001,22(5) 379-382.

14.Ying X.-P., Zhang Y.-P., Yang W.-X.. Studies on community structure of cirripede in the rocky intertidal zone along Beiji Island. Journal of Zhejiang University(Science Edition),2000,27(5) :

15. Zhang Y.-P., Ying X.-P., Jia S-J.. Yearlong changes of the meat condition index, water contents, and biochemical compositions of blood clam(Tegillarca granosa). Hannan Science, 2004221):57-59.

16Zhang Y.-P., Jia S.-J., Ying X.-P.. A comparative study on the nutritive composition and contents in the meat of Tegillarca Granosa in varied populations. Transactions of Oceanology and Limnology,20022):33-38.

1. Ying X.P., Yang W.-X. The morphology and ultrastructure of spermatozoon of the Gastropod Bullacta exarata. J. Shellfish Res. , 2003,  22(1): 362a
2  Yang W.-X., dos Santos A., Narciso L., Calado R., Zhou H., Lu J.P., Jiang N.C., Ying X.P. Microscopic observation of tegument and cement gland distribution of female pleopod in Chinese mitten crab, Eriocheir sinensis. J. Shellfish Res. , 2003, 22(1): 361a

 Current address
 Dept. Biol.&  
 Wenzhou University
 Wenzhou 325027



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