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Ting Guo
Undergraduate Student,Zhejiang University,2004

Education and Training
2005.9-2008.07: Undergraduate student at Department of Biology Science, College
        of Life science, Zhejiang University.
2004.9-2005.6: Undergraduate student at Department of Biosystems Engineering,
        College of Biosystems Engeneering and Food Science, Zhejiang University.

Research Experiences:
2007.3-2007.11. Functions of kinesin motors during spermatogenesis, at the Sperm
        Laboratory at Zhejiang University (PI: Dr. Wan-Xi Yang)
2006.5-2007.5, Ecological factors affecting the infection of fungi arbuscularm
        ycorrhizal , project of Student Research Training Program (SRTP) of Zhejiang
        University, at the Ecology Laboratory at Zhejiang University (PI: Dr. Xin Chen).

Expression of a kinesin during human spermatogenesis and application of the kinesin in human sperm quality detection. "New Seedling Training Program", Department of Sci-Technology of Zhejiang Province, China. 2007.6-2008.6.


2004~2005 The Third Prize of Excellent Undergraduate Scholarship

Brief description
My hobbies: I love all the things which can bring me happiness, such as listening to the music, drawing, singing, playing badminton...
My motto:Haste makes waste.
Appreciate, value and forget.

Journal Club records
Oct. 12, 2007:
 "A Kinesin is Present at Unique Sertoli/Spermatid Adherens Junctions in Rat and Mouse Testes". BOR Papers in Press. Published on September 12, 2007 as DOI:10.1095/biolreprod.107.063735 .  
August 24, 2007
"Interplay of PIWI/Argonaute protein MIWI and kinesin KIF17b in chromatoid bodies of male germ cells. Journal of Cell Science 2006, 119 (13): 2819-2825".
August 17, 2007. "An ATP Gate Controls Tubulin Binding by the Tethered Head of Kinesin-1". SCIENCE, 2007, 316: 120-123.
May 25, 2007  "The expression pattern and cellular localisation of Myosin VI during the Drosophila melanogaster life cycle". Gene Expression Patterns, 2007,7: 501C510.

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Ms. Ting Guo
Ph.D. student in Chinese Academy of Science, Shanghai.

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