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Tian-Ting Zhang
Ph.D. Student, National University of Singapore, 2010

Education and training

2010.07-present:  Ph.D. student, National University of Singapore
2007.11 – 2010.07: Research training at the Sperm Lab in Zhejiang University
                 (Supervisor: Dr. Wan-Xi Yang)
2006.09 – 2010.07: College of Life Science, Zhejiang University
 (Advisor: Dr. Wan-Xi Yang)

2009. 08-  Cloning and expression of kifc1 gene in Macrobrachium nipponense
      (Crustacea, Caridea).
2008.04-  Involved in the international collaborative project between China and
      Hungary Government: "Regional and time-related variability of chromosomal
      aneuploidies in human sperm"   

Lab skills
PCR, Immunofluorescence(IF), Immunocytochemistry(ICC),
in situ hybridization technique, especially choosing the right labeling methods. e.g. fluorescent labeling (direct and indirect).

1.   Zhang, T.-T., Jiang, Y.-Q., Zhou, H., Yang, W.-X., Ultrastructural
      observation on genesis and morphology of cortical granules in Macrobrachium
(Crustacea, Caridea), Micron. 2009.
2.  Jiang, Y.-Q.*, Zhang, T.-T.*, Yang, W.-X., Formation of zona radiata and
      ultrastructural analysis of egg envelope during oogenesis of Chinese perch
      Siniperca chuatsi, Micron, 2009. doi:10.1016/j.micron.2009.07.004
      (*Authors contributed equally to this work.)

Score Sheet of Major Courses:



(5 as full)

Biochemistry 81 3.6
Experiment of Biochemistry 90 4.5
Biomedical Molecule 84 3.9
Cell Biology 85 4.0
Ecology 85 4.0
Virology 88 4.3
Oral English 87 4.2
Biostatistics & Experiment Design 83 3.8
Genetics & Experiments 84 3.9
Immunology 80 3.5
Molecular biology 80 3.5
Gene engineering 90 4.5
Neuroscience 80 3.5
Sequence and genome analysis 87 4.2

To be continued...



Journal club and group meeting records:
Jan. 15, 2010  Journal club: "Bipolar, Anastral Spindle Development in Artificially Activated Sea Urchin Eggs". Developmental Dynamics, 2008, 237:1348–1358). Apr. 24, 2009  Journal club: " Domains of the Pavarotti kinesin-like protein that direct its subcellular distribution: effects of mislocalisation on the tubulin and actin cytoskeleton during Drosophila oogenesis". Journal of Cell Science, 2002, 115: 725-736
Oct. 31, 2008 Journal club: "Intramanchette transport during primate spermiogenesis: expression of dynein, myosin Va, motor recruiter myosin Va, VIIa-Rab27a/b interacting protein, and Rab27b in the manchette during human and monkey spermiogenesis". Asian J Androl 2008; 10 (4): 561–568
Dec. 12, 2008 Journal club: "Cell polarization during monopolar cytokinesis". The Journal of Cell Biology, Vol. 181, No. 2, April 21, 2008 195–202
May 9, 2008  Journal club: "Involvement of a gelsolin-related protein in spermatogenesis". Cell Tissue Res (2008) 332:141–150

Activities and Volunteering

2007.9–2008.6: Minister of Department of Propaganda in Life Science Union,
                          Zhejiang University
2006.9–2007.6: Volunteer in External Liaison Department of Student Union in
2008.12.16:  The First Prize of Mixed Doubles in “Dongsheng Cup” Badminton
                     Match, Department of Life Sciences, Zhejiang University

Brief description

An acute mind and hard work help me a lot adapting to the research and technical applications.

Current address

Tian-Ting Zhang
Ph.D. student
National University of Singapore

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