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Le Wang
Undergraduate Student, Zhejiang University,2004

Education and Training
August 2008-present  Department of Biology, Villanova University
March, 2005-July, 2008  Department of Biological Sciences, College of Life
         sciences, Zhejiang University
September, 2004-March, 2005  Department of Information Management
        and Information System, College of Management, Zhejiang University

Research Experiences and Technical Training:

July, 2007-2008.06, thesis design for Batchelor's Degree at the Sperm
        Laboratory, Zhejiang University. Title: Molecular mechanisms of kinesins
        during spermatogenesis of Octopus.
June, 2007-present. Involved in a project which was funded by Student
        Research Training Program (SRTP)  of Zhejiang University.
August, 2007-September, 2007 Biochemistry and Cell biology Technological
        Training:  Extraction, purification and elementary identification of
         earthworm fibrinolytic enzyme
August, 2007-September, 2007 Cell Engineering Experiments:
        Cryopreservation and resuscitation of liver cells of mouse, Examination
        of cell activity by MTT method Primary culture of liver and kidney cells of
        mouse, Preparation of hybridoma cells by fusion of immuned spleen cells
         and myeloma cells
June, 2006- April, 2007 Zhejiang University college students¡¯ academic
        research contest¡ª¡°Challenge¡± Research on characteristics of bone
        marrow¡ªderived mesenchymal stem cells(hMSCs). Techniques
        used in research:
        (1)Passage culture of immortal cell line of hMSCs
        (2)Analysis of surface makers of hMSCs by flow cytometry
        (3)Karyotype analysis of immortal cell line of hMSCs
        (4)Analysis of growth characteristics of immortal cell line of hMSCs

Hui Wang, Le Wang, Wen Zhao etc. Study of the Biological Contact Index
 of the Toluene-exposed Workers. Occupation and Health, 2008, 24(2): 111-112

Credit honor:

2006-2007 The Scecond Prize of Excellent Undergraduate Scholarship
2006-2007 The Title of Excellent All-round Student

1. I was admitted by Zhejiang University Chorus in October, 2005 and
     volunteered to participate in the following performances as a member
      of the chorus.
2. Communicational concert with Iowa State University Chorus, 5/20/2006
3. Performance to celebrate the foundation of Zhejiang University for 109 years, 5/21/2006
4. Communicational concert with Eric Choir directed by John Byun, 6/27/2006
5. New Year chorus concert in Zhejiang University 1/2007
6. A volunteer of receiving freshmen in college of Life Sciences, 9/2006
7. A volunteer of the welcoming performance in college of Management, 9/2004

Journal Club records
December 28, 2007  Survival and Fertility Rate of Cooled Dromedary Camel Spermatozoa Supplemented with Catalase Enzyme. Journal of Reproduction and Development, accepted for publication: Nov. 19., 2007; published online: Dec. 18., 2007.
November 23, 2007 Characterization and Expression of Mouse Cdc50c during Spermatogenesis. Acta Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica, 2007, 39: 739¨C744.

Current address

Le Wang
Villanova University


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