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Ke-Ming Yu
Exchange graduate Student, from Liaoning Normal University,2006

Education and Training
2007.09- 2009.5: Graduate student at the Sperm Laboratory, College of Life
        Sciences, Zhejiang University. (Dr. Wan-Xi Yang)
2006.09-2007.09: Graduate student, in Marine Biology Lab, Liaoning Normal
        University. (PI: Dr. Lin Hou)
2002.09-2006.07: College of Life Sciences, Liaoning Normal University, Liaoning
        Province, China.

Research Experiences:
2007.09-present. Functions of kinesin motors during spermatogenesis, at the Sperm
        Laboratory at Zhejiang University (PI: Dr. Wan-Xi Yang)
2006.09-2007.09£ºStructure, Function and Gene Expression of Small Heat Shock
        Protein Family£¬at Marine Biology Laboratory, Liaoning Normal University.
2006.02-2006.06: Molecular phylogenetics of the family bisexual Artemias using  
        sequence analyzing of COI gene.

1. Keming Yu, Lin Hou*, Xiangyang Zou. Structure, Function and Expression of Small Heat Shock Protein Family. Protein & Peptide Letters. (Submitted)
2. Keming Yu, Lin Hou, Wan-xi Yang*. C-Terminal Kinesin Motor KIFC1 Participates in Formation of Acrosome in Chinese Mitten Crab Eriocheir sinensis. (In preparation )

Journal club and group meeting records:
Nov. 27, 2008. ¡°CHD1 Motor Protein Is Required for Deposition of Histone Variant H3.3 into Chromatin in Vivo¡±, Science 2007 Aug 24; 317 (5841):1087-90. DOI: 10.1126/science.1145339
Oct. 31, 2008.
Seminar: Functions of a C-terminal kinesin during spermatogenesis of   Chinese mitten crab
Sep. 6, 2008. Data report: Process on kinesin distribution during spermatogenesis of   Chinese mitten crab.
May 15, 2008. ¡°Myosin V and Kinesin act as tethers to enhance each others¡¯         processivity¡±, doi:10.1073/pnas.0711531105, PNAS, 2008, 105(12): 4691¨C        4696
May 7, 2008. Graduates mid-term qualifying defense
April 18, 2008. Data report: Process on kinesin distribution during spermatogenesis of  Chinese mitten crab.
March 7, 2008. "Microtubule plus-end tracking proteins in differentiated mammalian cells", International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology 2008, 40:619¨C637.
Dec. 28, 2007. Data report: Process on kinesin distribution during spermatogenesis of Chinese mitten crab.
Dec. 1, 2007. "Vezatin, a ubiquitous protein of adherens cell¨Ccell junctions, is exclusively expressed in germ cells in mouse testis." Vincent Hyenne, et al., Reproduction, 2007, 133: 563¨C574. DOI: 10.1530/REP-06-0271

Brief description

My hobbies: All kinds of sport, make new friends, challenge myself.

Current address

Ke-Ming Yu
College of Life Science
Liaoning Normal Uni.

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